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Most property sellers in the market looking at selling their property make the mistake of not fully knowing the facts of the property market where they live in before deciding to sell their property. Which is why when the market is bad they fail to sell their property for the longest time. As top real estate consultants we like to advise both property buyers and property sellers through our official mouthpiece – our blog. In this article we are addressing property sellers.

One of the most crucial things that you can do to get your house sold is to first properly learn your market, know the correct value of your property and also what the competition is selling for. Most sellers operate in the dark by simply putting their house on sale for the price that they have decided without considering what other similar houses in their locality have sold for in the recent past and are currently selling for.

We do not need to inform you that one of the biggest dangers of overpricing or even underpricing your home is that you can incur lakhs or even crores of rupees in losses. If your property is priced too low people may assume that there is something wrong with the property. If its priced too high then buyers will not even want to come and see the property. In this article we will show you how to research the property market effectively so that you can set the right price for your property which will speed up the sale process.

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