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I have always advised property sellers to think 3 dimensionally when selling their property / properties. The first dimension is the general mood of the market. The second is how your ship is sailing in that market. The third dimension is the period of time that you need to sell your property. Let us see how this principle applies to the selling of your property. For example if the prevailing local conditions of the market are such that the number of sellers far outstrip the number of buyers in the market and considering that you have set yourself a period of two months to sell your home then it is obvious that big efforts and aggressive pricing will be essential to get to the closing table quickly. Moreover if your property is like many other properties available in the market and lacks any USP (desirable locality, nice apartment building, great views from the windows, balconies, sea views etc.) then a certain amount of creative thinking and marketing using out-of-the-box thinking and spending on improving the look of your property may be required.

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